About me

Digital Artist Milo Mineur

My artworks are visualisations of our personal reality’s and those experiënces in our world.

Photographic elements, often combined with 3D and a touch of imperfection creates my unique characteristic magic style.

Working with the same vintage-flashes today of the 60–70’s photostudio in Rotterdam-Crooswijk at which I grew up.

Started ImageManipulation in the 90’s with the Quantel-paintbox at Souverein-Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Weesp partly detached by Neroc and VGMR and lateron added Interaction Design, programming and IOS app-development.

Equipment now-a-days: MBpro, iPadpro, Affinity, Blender, Sony 7R, Broncolor

*Activities are
– retouche
– social media
– artwork creation
– animation / design
– working at location
– fabric / cloths applications
– studio-photography / setup / mua
– if wanted, inhouse education available
– brainstorming and i.e. concepting new ideas

Please feel free to try the free spare working place with ‘relational’ coöperation if you are my soulmate


Nice to know facts:

The brother of my grandpa, Leo Mineur, painted outside-commercials for cinema-movies like i.e. KingKong.

More info today LeoMineur.nl

Leo Mineur

Leo Mineur


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